Dear Anjana ,Praphul and Ehsas`81,

Thank you for spending such a productive time with the kids , teachers and students told me about the exercises .They all sounded awesome to me.

Thanks and come again

Best wishes



Dear Mrs. Anjana Baliga,

On behalf of Literacy India I would like to thank you and Dr. Dinesh Baliga for conducting the Memory Workshop on 03 Feb 2018 for the students and the teachers of Vidyapeeth.

It was indeed an inspiring talk and the wonderful workshop. The attendees will definitely be benefited by memory techniques explained by you during the workshop. It was a pleasure for all the participants to interact with you and learn some rare skills.

After attending the workshop our students are motivate and more confident of doing well in forthcoming examination.

Thanks once again.


Col Hemant Kumar Jain ( Retd)


“I remember all my shopping lists using linked methods taught in the workshop.” – Usha Chaddha, Housewife


“I did not like maths but after attending workshops and Vedic Maths, my score has increased from 21 to 35.” – Sahil, Student, 6th Class.


“After attending personal counselling sessions, my depression is disappearing.” Navneet Kadam


“I am a very short-tempered person and used to get pretty angry over small matters. The ‘Living in Harmony’ workshop helped me to forgive and move forward in life.” – Vikram Bhola