Sexual Assault #me too

PTSD post traumatic stress disorder

~~ Are are you a victim of #Metoo

or survivor of a trauma.

Yes, #Me too is a good intiatitive for it brings unity among like minded people over their experience with sexual assault ; There is no doubt that this initiative will bring the culprits to the books but is it then the end of the road? What about the after effects?

Is there a way out…

Last week social media became a place for women to demonstrate and adjust how widespread the problem is among the various communities workplaces and sexual orientation. More than half a million post went up after actress Alisha Milano called on women to share .In 2014 Tarana Burke started the movement in Philadelphia. More than 1 million people since childhood quite often face these problems like sexual abuse assault, rape, molestation from friends relatives and stranger.


For Sexual assault victims grieving over traumatic past brings up endless supply of emotions that can cause difficulty to sit or Walk-through .The grieving process can be time oriented discouraging confusing ,disheartening and confronting too.The most important point in such cases is suffering is not hurting the person who abused you but in fact it is hurting you,you are feeling a victim or a prisoner in your own mind. The boundaries of fears are so strong that you feel miserable and vulnerable to break the Chains of these events as they bring memories of the past flashing back to your mental screen. The post traumatic event that happened are out of logical analysis because you pretend it was never right as it happened to you. Forgiveness and acceptance of the situation and who are involved is totally a complex question to reason out …

At close look at the language patterns from these people are “I am ashamed”,” I shouldn’t have been there”, “why me” ?

The more you resist the problem jumps back more hard you try stronger the memory adds up to the trauma . The event is over years ago but still the episodic memory has special place in your mind as miseries are the prized possession of human mind.

  1. what can you do when such a tragedy occurs ???
  2. How can you get back on your feet again ?
  3. How can you muster your strength back to face life with sense of courage and optimism
  4. How can you get rid of OCD or depression resulting after the trauma are some of the challenges
  5. In this anxiety levels are very high and you become a shy,timid and an introvert person ..

According to the INLP Matthew Papas” There is definitely a hope for life that you deserve;” one that is not Defined by your past secondly “you are not alone” ; “you are worth healing”

NLP is all about how we think about something has a greater impact then what we are thinking about

Here comes the role of a coach or a counselor who can help you to come out of the storm. NLP helps to make that change happen when the change is too hard. It helps to get rid of nightmares , flashbacks, resentment anger issues, sadness and get away from suicidal tendencies.

NLP put an end to the vicious cycle of memories by deleting them and reimprinting them creating new neural Pathways in the brain for the future is worth pursuing.

NLP studies the pattern structures your thought processes because is it is independent about the content and Lays emphasis on the context and the syntax of the event .IT helps in the deletion of the critical voices, the visuals and feelings through Roller coaster ,videos, Swiss ,anchoring and other confidence building techniques. where each 90minutes session helps to bring about a positive change in the participant .It is a time oriented process to learn grow and evolve… and change the mindset of a person but the results are 100%

and as an intelligent person it helps you to get over guilt, shame and resentment because in NLP” if one can others can also do it”.

Invoking the divine feminine goddess of power Maa Kali /Durga one can really feel empowered in this direction and Adi Vinayak creations has been continuing its journey in empowering more and more lives in this regard…

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