How to learn


People also ASK

How can I learn without forgetting? how can I learn anything fast?

how can I study and remember everything?

how can I memorize things quickly.?

Scientifically there are a number of ways to learn new skills and concepts with speed and ease . Being a quick learner can give you an edge over others.

1. Take notes by hand .Draw a Mind Map giving you everything what is there in the lessons in a pictorial form.

2. Teach what you just revised to a friend,a colleague or pretend to teach to your classmates/ roommate.

3.Take short break between each study session by going for a walk, listening to music piece also helps.

4. Learn in short bursts of time.Dedicate only 30 to 45 minutes for a subject. Anything less than 30 minutes is not enough and more than 50 minutes is too much information for the brain to handle.

5. Power naps between study session increase the retention capacity of the brain . Sleep in-between can boost your recall up to 6 months later according to the new research published in psychological science.

6. Revision interval. To convert from short term memory to long term memory; the first revision should be done within 24 hours .The next revision should be done within 7 days. The third revision should be done fortnightly and the 4th revision should be done once in a month to retain more and in a better way.

For more interesting information can be found by reading. Good books How to use advanced learning strategy to learn faster.

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