How Healthy you are?

In the general population between 10 to 20 person suffer from depression which is the commonest mental disorders Dr De Souza consultant psychiatrist adds in corporate India 8_10 % of people suffer from mental illness about 30% _40% suffer from stress. Common mental health problems include bipolar disorder, failure depression Alzheimer’s, violence ,substance abuse ,suicide ,drugs and anxiety. Many people have mental health concerns from time to time today there are so many personal stressor like elder care, financial problems, divorce,children’s education, substance and alcohol use, trauma from deaths and accidents in addition to work related stressor like job insecurity and no fixed working hours.

some of the after effects of stress are hypertension,B.P, diabetes, heart related disorder, blocks , obesity,heart attacks etc.

In India there is a stigma associated with mental health issues that leave problems largely undetected: the person himself fears that others may judge him and be biased ; and there is a valid reason about adverse effects of disclosure on his career.

Studies suggest that stress management techniques will not only make you feel better but they might have concrete health benefits .One can personally attend personal counseling sessions or see a psychiatrist or a psychologist and attend Wellness workshops to improve mental health and immunity.

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