AdiVinayak creations was established in 2008 with a purpose of empowering people from all walks of life. We
work as a team in the field of Health and Education by delivering free workshops and seminars. Many people have been benefited by these workshops in various parts of India. We have developed unique MPT (Mind Power Techniques) courses for various domains like students, parents, businessmen, corporates etc. We are offering mind power techniques for challenges like depression, anxiety, migraine, diabetes, thyroid, obesity, asthma, arthritis and other psycho-somatic and auto-immune diseases. We plan to reach hundreds and thousands of people giving them a new sense of possibility that there is a future worth pursuing.

Anjana Baliga

Full of Compassion, versatile flamboyant teacher, a poet, a writer and a motivational NLP Coach. A GSB Brahmin, convent school educated and always been a Topper since her childhood days. She always loved to help fellow students. Sadhana, Seva & Knowledge is an intricate and precious part of her life.

Anjana is an Entrepreneur, NLP Coach, Change maker, Memory Trainer, Counsellor for Post Traumatic Stress Disorders esp. for cases of Rapes, sexual assaults, a Transformer for Positive personal Development. For more than a decade, many people have benefitted from her transformational and live seminars. She also conducts Live in Harmony Workshops for Corporate Excellence which increases productivity, brings about behavioural change and addresses Conflict resolution. She is a follower of Tony Robinson, Debbie Hampton, Ram Verma and Deepak Chopra. She is active on Social media, Quora, Linked In, You tube and her blogs can be read on

Her counselling has touched many lives and brought immense relief for people suffering from Anxiety, Anger issues, trauma after accidents, rape, sexual assaults and loss of near and dear ones. Her expertise is in her techniques of deleting painful past memories and internal blocks which are a hindrance to move forward in life. She also teaches Mind, Body and soul alignment in a 90-minute session by removing limiting beliefs.

Her Memory Workshops for school children and students appearing for competitive examinations have been very useful and beneficial for increasing their confidence, concentration and focus. It lays emphasis on removal of examination phobias, reduction of screen and mobile time.

She is personally teaching students since 2008 using her innovative technique of memory retention, memory concentration and enhancement.

Persuaded a career in Electronics from Y.M.C.A.I. E, Faridabad and designed various Electronic projects plates for Priyadarshini College of Computer Sciences in 1995.Persuaded her Academics BA from Delhi University and did her MA in Rural Development from IGNOU when she was residing in remote tribal areas of Kalahandi and Koraput in Odisha.

A versatile home maker with a deep urge for cooking various North Indian, South Indian & Chinese cuisine knowing more than 100 cooking knacks. Inclined towards spirituality after marriage. She has done 7 days course of Raj Yoga Meditation (Brahma Kumaris), Art of Living Course I and Advanced Course II (Sri Sri Ravi Shankar) Now an Active follower of Shambhavi Kriya from Isha Foundation. Like Sadguru, Anjana also believes that there is no Universal transformation without Individual transformation.

Dr. Dinesh Bantwal Baliga

Dr Dinesh Bantwal Baliga graduated from the Armed Forces Medical College, Pune in 1985. He has a vast clinical experience in surgical branches especially accidents and emergencies, orthopaedics in various hospitals in Delhi, and has also published a number of articles on Lithotripsy. He has worked for the Ministry of Health in Libya. On his return from Libya in 1998, he completed his post-graduate degree in Hospital and Health Management and since then he has been working in the field of Public Health. Dr.Baliga has also worked in the World Health Organisation as a Surveillance Officer in the National Polio Surveillance Project until 2002. He later joined a British Charity Organisation Skillshare International as a Public Health Specialist (Health Trainer/Development Worker) and carried out field work in remote, tribal areas of Kalahandi and Koraput districts (Odisha, India) with the aim to serve the poor and develop strategies for sustainable development amongst people living below the poverty line. He has set up Community Health Programs in many remote areas of Odisha, Uttarakhand, Jharkahand, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. He has also worked with people living with HIV and has helped set up a network of HIV positive people in Koraput, Odisha. He has also produced training modules and IEC materials on health topics specific to each location. He is also a Medical Advisor & Consultant to Micro Insurance Academy, New Delhi for supporting the Preventive Health component of Community-Based Health Insurance (CBHI) and other health strengthening projects.